Renat Ibragimov’s book presentation

25 February 2017, Saturday

On February 24, 2017 in the Grand reading room of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, an evening with People's Artist of Russia and Republic of Tatarstan Renat Ibragimov took place. He presented his book entitled “Izbrannoye” (“Selected stories”).

This event left a distinguishing mark on the cultural life of the republic. Renat Ibragimov is famous for being a versatile and talented personality; therefore, he could easily assemble his friends, companions, admirers, like-mended people and music lovers this evening. R. Ibragimov presented his literary work and excerpts from the audiobook to the audience. The book represents the compilation of short but interesting flashbacks. It tells the story about his creativity, outlooks and favourite songs. The stories about parents, his attitude to religion and belief are narrated in heartwarming manner. The People’s Poet of Republic of Tatarstan Razil Valeev highly estimated the book and presented R. Ibragimov with a ceremonial certificate of “Honorable reader of the National Library of RT”.

During the event, the famous artist performed old popular and new songs from his own repertoire. The audience expressed gratitude with tumultuous applause. Age can not wither the talent of R. Ibragimov, as at the age of 69 he is still active and his voice is sonorous and distinctive.

The book exposition, dedicated to the creativity of the singer, attracted interest of the audience. In the end of the evening, the admirers of his talent couldn’t leave the place without asking for an autograph. All the participants were pleased with the event and close communication with the artist. The presentation of the book “Izbrannoye” drew public attention.   



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