Dates of History of the Tatar National Theatre from the 19th through the beginning of the 20th Centuries


  • The famous Tatar dramatic artist G. Kamal (1879-1933) writes his first drama, "The Unfortunate Young Man."
1906, December 22nd
  • In Kazan, the first public performance in the Tatar language of, "Trouble Because of Love," and, “Pity Child,” takes place. This date is considered the birth date of Tatar theatre.
1907, April 3rd
  • In Orenburg, the first Tatar professional troupe, directed by I. Kudashev-Ashkazarski, shows the performance, "In another’s Feast a Hang-Over," written by A. Ostrovski. During the tour in Nizhniy Novgorod, the troupe of Gabdulla Kariev accepts Sahibjamal Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya, the first Tatar actress.
  • G. Kariev becomes the head of the troupe, "Saiyar" ("Peredvizhnik"), the so-called troupe of Gabdulla Tukay.
  • The actor, K. Tinchurin, the future leading playwright and theatrical art director, is accepted into the troupe, “Saiyar.”
  • S. Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya organises the Tatar theatrical company, "Nur" ("Light") in Ufa.
  • In Orenburg, the professional theatrical company, "Shirkat" (Association) is organised.
  • G. Kariev invites Fatima Ilskaya, future star of Tatar theatre, to his troupe.
1916 - 1917
  • The foundational repertoire of "Saiyar" is made up by the work of G. Ishaki, G. Kamal, S. Kamal, K. Tinchurin, F. Burnash, A. Ostrovski, N. Gogol, J. Moliere, and F. Shiller.
  • On March 19th, in Kazan, and on May 4th, in Moscow, at the Congress of Moslems, with great success, G. Ishaki's tragedy, "Zuleiha," plays. In the role of Zuleiha, G. Bolgarskaya shines.
  • In the days of the civil war, actors work for various theatrical companies at the front.
1920, January 20th
  • Gabdulla Kariev, who is recognised as, "the father of Tatar theatre," during his lifetime, dies.
1920, October
  • The First Tatar Exemplary State Troupe is organised.
  • The Troupe is renamed, “The First State Tatar Drama Theatre.”
1922, November 8th
  • A specially equipped building on Ostrovski Street is given to the Tatar Theatre and K. Tinchurin appointed as its head. Under his initiative, S. Saidashev is invited to the theatre. The joint creativity of the founder of Tatar professional music, composer S. Saidashev and playwright K. Tinchurin generates a new genre, musical drama (with performances of, "Blue Shawl,” “Kazan Shawl,” “The Stars Died Away,” etc.)
1923, January
  • In Kazan the Tatar Theatrical Technical School opens.
  • The rank, “Academic,” is given to the theatre. S. Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya, K. Tinchurin, K. Shamil, Z. Soltanov, M. Mutin, and B. Tarhanov are the first to be awarded the honorary title, "Honored Artist of Tatarstan.” In the troupe the well-known actors G. Bolgarskaya, F. Ilskaya, G. Kamskaya, F. Kamalova, M. Sulva, N. Arapova, N. Tazhdarova, S. Shamilski, S. Aidarov, and Kamal III work. After the termination of the theatrical technical school the troupe are accepted by H. Salimzhanov, G. Nigmatullina, G. Kajbitskaya, G. Bulatova and others.
1926, December
  • The musical drama, "The Blue Shawl," premieres with composer S. Saidashev, with R. Kushlovskaya and K. Tinchurin playing leading roles.
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