Photo Tour of the Building

One of the most beautiful buildings of our city is the former private residence of the Ushkovs. It is one of the Arch Monuments of Russia and is an attraction for both natives and visitors to Kazan.

The house
offers a magnificent visual delight. There are many decorative elements including eagles, angels, and floral ornaments and a round bay window topped with a dome.

The entrance to the structure was fashioned after preceding architectural design. Charles Mufke was inspired by the domes from the time of the Voskresenski Cathedral, which unfortunately was not preserved. In the archival documents of the mistress’ buildings there are the records of Zynaida Ushkova, whom speaks of a beautiful monogrammed sign using letters from her name above the entrance door.

The interior has a stairway designed in the spirit of Shinyazi, made to appear as those in the palace apartments of eastern nobility.

The colorful hues of the lobby
remind one of China and Japan.

The stained-glass windows
are created from French colored glass and exhibit superbly executed exotic landscapes, including rare birds and plants from the French author’s catalog, S. Shampinol, Paris.

The marble floor before the main stairway is made with marble and gilding. It portrays blossoming cherries (a favorite Japanese motif) and irises.

The door connecting to the rest of the premises of the private residence is unique. It is covered with metal flecks.

The ceiling of the wardrobe room is decorated with an inlay of a tree design.

The main hall (now a reading room) is executed in Empire Style. The ceilings are covered with images of shields, swords, flags, eagles, winged lions, horses, and other depictions. The fascination of the owners of the house with Napoleon is expressed by the Latin monogram “N” on the ceiling.

 The present gem of the private residence is the winter garden. It has been created out under a stalactite grotto where everything reminds one of a natural cave.

One of the rooms, including its bay window, is trimmed in Moorish Style. In the bay window there is a round base simulating a minaret on a mosque.

Walls of the former dining room are styled in the gloomier Gothic Style of medieval Germany.

The small pink living-room (now the Department of Subscriptions) is an elegant room with lightly painted doors and ceiling.

In the larger former green living-room (now the Department of Literature of the Humanities) were fireplaces made from green Italian marble with bronze ornaments and Venetian mirrors.

Another variation of the same fireplace (without the mantle) is in the cabinet of the owner (Department of Legal Literature). It is possible to see ancient bronze candelabrums and an artistic casting of bison, the property of the previous owners, on it. They have lain on the same place up to the present time.

In the collection of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan there is furniture from the private residence that was kept by Z. Ushkova. Last updated: Mar, 17, 2015, 10:56
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