The inter-library subscription service (ILSS) of the NLRT offers patrons the opportunity to take advantage of its services:
  • Receive documents in time from collections of the NLRT for your organization, enterprise, or establishment. All services (except for libraries of the Ministry of National Education) require payment.;
  • Order and receive documents not included in the collection of the NLRT from the libraries of Kazan, other regions of Russia, and countries of the CIS and Baltic through the ILSS.
You can also take advantage of the opportunity to acquire delivery of documents through channels of telecommunication, such as the internet and e-mail.

Electronic Delivery of Documents
Our Partners:  
  • The State Public Historical Library, Moscow;
  • The Russian State Library, Moscow;
  • The Russian Academy of Science: The Institute of Scientific Information Regarding the General Sciences;
  • The Russian Academy of Science: Library of the Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Science;
  • The State Public Technical Science Library.



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