The Automation Department was created in 1993. The department handles the introduction and operation of computer technology in the library divisions, providing support for automated library technology, training personnel and overseeing databases. The department staff provides methodical and practical help to the libraries of the republic by introducing automated biblio-techno-bibliographic processes.

Department Structure:

The Automation Department includes a sector for the development of network technologies. The primary goals of the sector are:
  • Development and introduction of new information network technologies to the library;
  • Support and development of systems for computer communications in all buildings of the libraries;
  • Development, support and management of new information resources.
Primary Goals and Functions of the Department:
  •  Complex automation of the basic processes of the library, creation of an information infrastructure for servicing and using the electronic catalogue of the library at different levels, access to distributed information resources of Russian and foreign libraries, and also to other information resources related to the use of modern computer technology and telecommunications;
  • Creation of a uniform information field for administrative maintenance, scientific and methodical management of the activity of libraries, and offering practical help promoting the development of the information and technical potential of the library;
  • Participation in the analysis of resources and activities and forecasting developments of the library in the field of computer and information technology;
  • Participation in management of techniques and practical work concerning the formation of an electronic catalogue of current receipts and a retrospective addition for the collection of the libraries;
  • Informational, scientific, and methodical communication with the libraries of Russia and foreign states, libraries’ other departments and organisations, to cooperatively work with them to expand the possibilities and economic means of the libraries by managing separate problems;
  • Offering methodical help to the Libraries of the Republic of Tatarstan concerning questions about the automation of library processes and the introduction of computer technology and information technology.
Paid Services:
  •  Consultations concerning the equipment and the software;• Training to work with databases on a personal computer;
  • Diagnostics and adjustment of computers and laptops;
  • Listing of documents;
  • Scanning of documents;
  • Xerox-copies;
  • Data recording and copying on electronic carriers (diskette, USB Flash, CD, DVD, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD/SDHC/MMC, Micro SD, XD);
  • Granting use of the automated workplace for the independent work of the user (including access to the Internet).
Department Manager
Contact information
Address: Kremlevskaya Street, 33
Phone: (843) 238-65-34

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