Service Department

Basic services are provided to the readers of the NLRT in the reading rooms.

The Service Department includes three sectors:
  • The Sector of Legal Literature;
  • The Sector of Literature of the Humanities;
  • The Sector of Technical and Agricultural Literature. 
The newest literature concerning all branches of knowledge is provided for library patrons.

The subsidiary collection of the department contains 51,000 copies.

Each sector provides assistance for the subsidiary collection.

The Sector of Technical and Agricultural Literature will provide, as a paid service, a computer, diskettes and laser disks concerning the subsidiary collection for independent work.

Books and laser disks can be taken home with a paid subscription.

Branch Disks and Compact Disks

In the Sector of Literature of the Humanities, permanent exhibition of the literature of the people of the Volga region is provided where the literary works of the Bashkir, Jewish, Mari, Mordovian, Udmurt, and Chuvash people is kept.

Text Database on CD ROM "Electronic Copies of Dissertations and Authors' Abstracts of Dissertations for Libraries":
  • Subjects - Universal;
  • Quantity - 14,000 documents which are constantly updated;
  • Search by keywords, author, etc;
  • Listing of documents available.
Services are rendered with a paid subscription. Services are available in the Legal Sector.
Elvira Galimyanovna Gilmanova
Elvira Galimyanovna Gilmanova
Department Manager
Контактная информация
Address: 420111, Kazan, Kremlevskaya Street, 33
Phone: (843) 292-70-98

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