The department was opened in 1971. The primary goal of the department is the acquisition, preservation, study and distribution of Tatar books, which have a centuries-old tradition, and the literature of Tatarstan from all branches of knowledge. Basic research is stored in the department concerning history and culture, also included are reference books, statistical materials, a unique collection in the Tatar language and literature about Tatarstan and the Tatar people. Items issued not only in the republic, but also beyond its borders, are also included.

The basic structural divisions of the department:
  • Service Department (reading room, subscriptions);
  • Bibliographic Department;
  • Department of Collections.
Components of the collection of the department include:
  • Tatar literature in Latin script;
  • Tatar literature in Cyrillic script;
  • Regional literature (including items published before 1917);
  • Periodicals of the Republic;
  • Tatarika;
  • Audio and video cassettes.
Assistive files of the department include:  
  • Electronic catalogue of the collection of the department (all Tatar literature is included and some Russian literature since 1987);
  • Alphabetical catalogue of the collection of the department (since 1994);
  • Regular catalogue of the collection of the department;
  • Regional regular card file of items about Tatarstan (since 1934);
  • Regional electronic card file of items (since 1994).

The regional regular card file of items about Tatarstan, which was created in 1934, includes periodicals of the Republic and Russia, and collections in Russian and Tatar languages. In the card file, detailed bibliographic information about items devoted to Tatarstan, irrespective of their origin or date, is also included.

In 1994, an electronic card file of items was created.

Items created and issued by the department:

  • Calendar of Significant Dates for the Republic of Tatarstan (Annually);
  • Press digest about Tatarstan (monthly) where articles about Tatarstan from Russian periodicals are submitted;
  • Recommendatory bibliographic grants and information publications.

The department conducts a complex study of regional information, prepares bibliographic lists and prepares a thematic selection of literature, oral and written enquiries of readers, other libraries, and various enterprises and organizations.

The department offers:

  • Service to users via a reading room, subscription, and MBA (inter-library subscription service);
  • Information search using the automated databases and the traditional bibliographic devices of the department;
  • Preparation of bibliographic lists and selected thematic literature, digests and thematic files;
  • Information on performance, fact-based inquiries and other information;
  • Complex information-bibliographic service on a contractual basis.
Gulyaram Shaidullovna Zimagolova
Gulyaram Shaidullovna Zimagolova
Department Manager
Contact information
Address: Kremlevskaya Street, 33
Phone: (843) 292-70-35

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