The Department of Literature in Foreign Languages was established in 1987. The collection of the Department is universal. It boasts over 64,000 items, including 9,800 books in English, 6,900 books in French, and 9,700 books in German. Here you can find literature from 53 languages of the world.

The department collects items from several fields: social science and humanities, fiction, art, references, and dictionaries. The department has the following collections:
  • "Russian Language for Foreigners" (documents for those learning Russian);
  • "Tatarika" (documents about Tatarstan, its historic past, national traditions and customs, social and political system, in English, German and French).
Currently, the department is working to prepare an electronic catalogue of it's stock in all languages of the world. Every year the department receives nearly 2,000 documents and periodicals.

Our department is successfully cooperating with the French Cultural Centre, Goethe-Institut, the Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library.

The department services all sectors of the population, including children of the age of five and older.

The department can offer you a paid ticket to see a film or event. Since 1999, we have shown films in foreign languages. Annually, many various exhibitions on different subjects and exhibitions of newly arrived books are held.

The staff of the department consists of six people who can speak English, German and French.

Svetlana Vasilevna Kuznetsova
Svetlana Vasilevna Kuznetsova
Contact information
Address: Karl Marx Street, Bldg. 36
Phone: (843) 292-70-35

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