The SMD carries out the organizational-methodical management of the network of libraries of the system of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, which totals 1,645 libraries.

The Scientific-Methodical Department:
  • Accepts annual reports, sums up and analyzes the conditions of the work of the libraries of the republic;
  • Issues the annual state-of-the-art review about the activity of the libraries of Tatarstan;
  • Predicts the development of library affairs in the republic;
  • Develops the theoretical and scientific-methodical aspects of the basic directions of activity of the municipal libraries;
  • Participates in the development of legislative and regular documents about library business in the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Carries out scientific research in the field of library science;
  • Supports the improvement of professional skill of the library staff of the republic by carrying out seminars, meetings, scientific-practical conferences, including librarians who serve readers of various nationalities, those living in Tatarstan (Maris, Udmurts & Chuvash) and librarians working with the Tatar population in other regions of Russia and the CIS;
  • Develops and issues grants for all directions of activity of the libraries, the methodical -bibliographic grants are devoted to outstanding educators of the Tatar people, to outstanding Tatar writers, and artists;
  • Carries out oral and written consultations for the librarians of all the systems and departments by a technique of organizing the work of the libraries;
  • Organizes the republic's competition, "Book of the Year";
  • Is the initiator and the organizer of the annual awards, "The Ministry of Culture RТ Leader," (the best CLS of the year) and, "Creative Search," (for the best innovative activity in the field of library affairs).
In the department a collection of literature concerning questions pertaining to library science, bibliographies and bibliology has been created.

The services of the department include:
  • A regular catalogue collection for the department (traditional for the entire collection & electronic for items received since 1994);
  • A topographical catalogue for items in the department;
  • Regular catalogue card file (traditional and electronic);
  • Card file for the library network;
  • Card file for the staff of the library of the republic;
  • Passports for the CLS.
To get acquainted with the work of the SMD it is possible to also consult the following sources:
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Lyutsiya Maskhutovna Nazmetdinova
Lyutsiya Maskhutovna Nazmetdinova
Department Manager
Contact information
Address: Karl Marx Street, Bldg. 36
Phone: (843) 292-54-17

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