The Patent Department of the National Library of the RT is the largest center for patent and technical information in the republic.

Activity of the Department:

Acquisition, ordering and granting of scientific and technical information, granting of production information, etc, services to enterprises, organizations of all types of ownership, and to users of the library.

Here you will find:
  • Comprehensive services;
  • Maintenance of priority information;
  • Patents by subject;
  • Creation of final exhibitions;
  • Electronic delivery of documents.
Reference Collection:
  • Patent and legislative literature;
  • Catalogues of industrial equipment ;
  • Periodicals of patent departments ;
  • Department norms and rules;
  • Patent bulletins of Russia and the USSR 1925-2003;
  • Price-lists ;
  • Descriptions of inventions of Russia and the USSR since 1925. 
Electronic Databases of the Patent Department:  
  • IPC International Patent Classification (Editions 4, 5, 6 & 7);
  • Comprehensive final index for patents of the Russian Federation (1924-1997);
  • Patents of the RF since 1998;
  • Trademarks of the RF since 1991;
  • Standards of the CIS and Russia (Full-Text Database);
  • Building Expert - Code Assembly of documents of Russian legislation, commitee rules, technical norms, rules and standards of construction;
  • "Bibliosert" (Certificate Library) index & certification documents;
  • Product quality control & services. 
Conveniences for use of the databases:
  • Wide spectrum of search fields;
  • Search by condition (AND, OR, EXCEPT FOR, etc);
  • Search by fragment;
  • Printing of document list;
  • Annual update of databases. 
The department renders the following services:
  • Finalizing contracts with organizations;
  • Access to resources on the internet;
  • Computers for independent work;
  • Search by subject;
  • Printing with a laser printer;
  • Copies. 
For the convenience of our patrons we offer a specialized reading room, modern computers and printers.
Elena Petrovna Ribitskaya
Elena Petrovna Ribitskaya
Department Manager
Contact information
Address: Karl Marx Street, Bldg. 36
Phone: (843) 292-58-19

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