The Sector of Acquisition of the Libraries of the Republic of the National Library of the RT was created in 1994 as a structural division of the Department of Acquisition. The primary goals of the department are: the formation of a repertoire of national and local documents for updating the collections of the libraries of the republic, maintenance of the centralized library systems of the republic, including those branches with the most documents from the central publishing houses, and maintenance of the libraries of the republic's library services.

The department receives literature from the two main publishing houses of the republic, The Tatar Book Publishing House and Magarif, as well as from many other publishing houses, including the publishing house of the NLRT, Milli Kitap. The library can also independently take literature from various publishing houses.

More than one-thousand titles are included in the collection of the department.

The department provides interested persons with various kinds of library services, including reader's data cards, loose leaf copies, diaries and the other materials created by the publishing department of the NLRT, including catalogue cards.

To receive literature and library services it is possible to transfer money to the account of the library or to pay in cash.

The National Library of the RT is the regional center of the mega-project, "The Pushkin Library." Lyaisan Nurullovna Gaifullina is the coordinator.

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Lidiya Radifovna Shakaeva
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