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When the library became a national library in 1991 a new important stage began for the library. The modern development of the library is connected to acknowledgment of its status as a culture, education, information and research center. Objectives are decided upon by evaluating the performance of the following basic functions:

  • Information needs being met for patrons concerning different categories of various branches of knowledge;
  • Research with the goal of studying subjects deeply by turning to scientists and other high-level experts, research dissertations and creating new opportunities for the study of hand-written materials;
  • Educational work within a framework of formal and informal support by granting not only teaching materials, but also the necessary additional literature in the form of authoritative monographies;
  • Educational, including working to popularize books, manuscripts and other documents concerning national history and culture.

The informational service of the library is realized by granting access to traditional and electronic information resources stored in a collection and also placed on the website to patrons. The National Library actively works as a research center. Among its research directions are: sociological research, scientific research about the history of the libraries of Kazan and Tatarstan, and carrying out various scientific forums.

Educational activity has developed in several directions. In the structure of the National Library some of the directions include: The American Center, The Internet-Center, and German Reading Room.

The National Library maintains a partnership with the International Book-Exchange, which includes more than thirty libraries of foreign countries, thirty-eight libraries in the Russian Federation and the countries of the CIS.

Since 2000, the National Library of the RT has acted as the organizer of the competition for the awards from the Ministry of Culture of the RТ, “Leader” and “Creative Search”, which is aimed at the development of creative and innovative activity by library workers, to stimulate them professionally. They are intended to help support the preservation and development of library affairs in the republic.

Scientific and applied electronic conference: "Librarianship in the Mirror of Information-Oriented Society".

In 2008, for the first time, under the initiative of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan together with the Union of Writers of Tatarstan and the Tatar PEN-CENTER journal, “Idel”, the competition, “Literary Creativity of Librarians”, was enacted. Its purpose is to attract attention to the literary creativity of librarians and to bring support and encouragement to literary talents among library workers.


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