Ivan Aleksandrovich Saharov

Ivan Aleksandrovich Saharov was a well-known figure in the area of national education in Russia, a counselor of state, and the district inspector for the Kazan Educational District. Saharov was born on January 12, 1815, to a merchant family. After finishing his studies at Simbirsk grammar school, he enrolled at Kazan University. He finished his studies in July 1835 and started employment in Nizhniy Novgorod. From1836 to 1847, he worked as a teacher, then a senior teacher, in schools and grammar schools of Nizhniy Novgorod. Along with teaching, Ivan Aleksandrovich also worked at a position at the library book-depository of a grammar school. After receiving the consent of the management, Saharov opened a reading library for the school in 1838. In 1847, Saharov transferred to Kazan, one year after the autumn of the announcement of his reading room in the newspapers of Nizhniy Novgorod. In Kazan, Saharov entered school as a collegiate counselor and acquired a position as an inspector at First Kazan Grammar School. He was an inspector at First Kazan Grammar School from 1847 to 1856, and then became the director of the grammar school from 1856 to1860. In 1860, Ivan Aleksandrovich became the district inspector for the Kazan educational district, and in 1864 he became a counselor of state. In 1876, he left his post on pension. Ivan Aleksandrovich lived in his own house in the Nikolaev area. He died on September 22, 1885, and was buried at the cemetery of the Kizicheski Monastery in Kazan.
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