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By using this service you can:
  • find a certain edition in the collection of the library (book, magazine, newspaper, notes, etc);
  • specify data about a book or article: author, publishing house, year of an edition, quantity of pages, source of the publication, etc;
  • find out concrete data: the meaning of the term, the date of a historical or cultural event, data about a person and so forth;
  • request a list of printing publications and Internet resources about a subject that interests you.
The answer to a question may contain:
  • a list of references about a subject;
  • a complete bibliographic description of required documents;
  • data about the existence of documents in our or other libraries;
  • data about facts, events, persons (dates, names, definitions of terms, etc) with the source of the publication.
According to the Provision for the Assistance Service, the following types of inquiries are not accepted:• items pertaining to entertainment (solutions to crossword puzzles, participation in intellectual games, quizzes, competitions, etc);
  • pertaining to training (written papers, course materials and theses);
  • specialized information for writing papers, pertaining to diplomas or dissertations, as such information requires time to work on;
  • anything of a commercial character.
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