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2009 marked the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Amirhan Eniki (1909-2000), the national writer of Tatarstan and winner of the Tukai State Award. Eniki's creativity is rich and many-sided. His works are considered the most popular of post-war Tatar prose. They contain unique lyricism that possesses a force that deeply influences the reader. Eniki's creativity is a gallery of images, never repeating. His stories are widely known, such as, “Memoirs of Gulyandam,” “Secrets Hearts,” “Mirage,” “Only at One O' Clock,” “Native Ground,” and “The Unexpressed Will.”

The bio-bibliographic directory, “Amirhan Eniki,” is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the writer. It will consist of seven sections. They include: biographical materials, writings about the life and creativity of the writer, a photo-archive, and verses and statements about him. In the section, "Bibliography," you will find Eniki's works, interviews, sources of information about his life and creativity, references to information on the internet, etc. The directory is in Russian, Tatar and English languages.


Eniki's Biography:
Articles about Eniki’s Life and Creativity (in Russian):

A. Eniki's Works:
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Statements about Eniki (in Tatar)

Bibliography (in Russian):

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