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"Know it is a proud name! For the sake of truth, instead of for the sake of pseudo-science, politics or any other conjuncture, I, a Russian person, all my life protect Tatars from slander. They are in our blood, in our history, in our language, in our attitude. Such representation seems to me absolutely natural here. Whatever were the real distinctions of being Russian, Tatars are the people not out of us, but within us.”
- L.N. Gumilev (in an address to the Tatar people)

Creator of the modern theory of, “Evrazistva,” the author of a passionate doctrine of ethnology, a famous geographer, historian and philosopher, Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev became a considerable phenomenon of the 20th century. There were many great scientists who wrote about Russian and Eurasian history, but Lev Nikolaevich had the courage to tell the truth, at times, counter to public opinion. Works by this great scientist of Turkish studies reflect a deep understanding of historical and ethnic processes. His works pertaining to the stories of the Turkic, Mongolian, Slavic and other peoples of Eurasia have a huge value for Russian and world science, and for the study of modern interaction of ethnicities. From its rich creative heritage it is possible to draw a very important conclusion for all of us that the source of the well-being of Russia resides in its centuries-old rich history of many different peoples living side-by-side. The Russian people carry various mentalities, religions and cultures. Working with this diversity, the Russian Federation can stand strongly and build a strong foundation for a democratic federative state.
In the Republic of Tatarstan it is highly appreciated and understood how ingenious a person and citizen he was, and what a great Eurasian of our time. Of prime importance is the preservation and augmentation of the theoretical heritage of Gumilev and the practical development of his ideas in modern Russia. In the centre of Kazan, at the beginning of Petersburg Street, sits a bust of the greatest humanist of the 20th century.
The electronic directory, “L.N. Gumilev: Creativity and Historical Links (Gumilev and Tatarstan),” is dated for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding scientist, historian, and poet. It consists of seven sections: a biography, articles about the life and creativity of L. Gumilev, a photo-archive, Gumilev's works, estimation the creativity of L. Gumilev, Gumilev's memoirs and the participation of the Republic of Tatarstan in this process. The directory is prepared in Russian, Tatar and English languages.

L.N. Gumilev's Biography About the Life and Creativity of L.N. Gumilev (in Russian) Video Files


L.N. Gumilev's Works (in Russian)

Praise for the Creativity of L.N. Gumilev in the RТ (in Russian)

L.N. Gumilev's Memorials (in Russian) Bibliography (in Russian)
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