The Center for Legal Information for Pensioners

One of main aims of the Center For Legal Information’s work is rendering a free social-legal aid to pensioners and other socially unprotected groups of the population (invalids, needy, etc), via the use of printing and electronic information-legal resources.

The Center for Legal Information was opened on June 4, 1999, at the Information-Bibliographic Department of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, with assistance from the Center for Government Communication of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Tatarstan (a federal agency for government communication and information). According to the Order of the Ministry of the Republic of Tatarstan on July 9, 2004 (N981-p), it was transformed into the Republican Public Center for Legal Information.

The Center for Legal Information offers qualified assistance for the search of legal information and training for skills pertaining to working with the database. Databases include The Collection of Legal Documents, Official Periodicals of Legal Information, the legal-reference system, Consultant Plus, Guarantor, and the legal information system, Codex. Experts of the Center for Legal Information also offer typical legal form documents, such as contracts and writs.

Legal information is extremely important for pensioners. The quantity of references dedicated to pensioners in legal databases reveals the constantly changing legislation pertaining to social problems. It is often a necessity for pensioners to attain standard legal documents on their own which pertain to pension legislation concerning social protection, such as the installment and payment of grants, pensions and privileges. The most common inquiries of pensioners are about pension legislation, indemnifications of various sorts, local and federal documents establishing payment of habitation, services, fares, etc.

Many inquiries of pensioners concern the area of public utilities, for example, municipal payments, privileges, order charges, and challenging a company’s management for unfair practices. The pensioner may inquire if a mechanic has incorrectly installed water counters, for example, in a manner that falsely charges their neighbor instead. The pensioner can contest the house management for the damages due their neighbors.

Among elderly visitors to the Center for Legal Information, there are a notable number of inquiries concerning privileges available to veterans of war. The war veteran who has been refused an apartment, for example, can get help through the center to better understand relevant legislation and legal requirements pertaining to their specific situation so that they can address the court.

Assistance concerning monetary savings is also available through the Center for Legal Information. There is help if the pensioner has exchanged their rubles for a foreign currency and then lost money due to neglecting to thoroughly understand a contract and the rate of exchange. At the Republican Public Center for Legal Information they can receive free legal aid to address the issue.

Many pensioners and visitors to the Center for Legal Information belonging to socially unprotected groups can not only find the necessary documents, receive the necessary guidance for drawing up legal documents, but also can find what they need in order to protect their rights in court.

Last updated: 9 February 2021, 18:27

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