The Tatar PEN Center: The Association of Writers of the Republic of Tatarstan

From right to left sit : Tufan Minullin, Mirkasyjm Usmanov, Amirhan Eniki, Ildar Yuzeev, Nurihan Fattah, Rafael Mustafin;
Standing: Rkaul Zaidulla, Ahat Mushinski, Rabul Faizullin, Razil Valeev.

The Association of Writers of the Republic of Tatarstan, also called The Tatar Pen Center, was accepted into the International PEN Club, at the World Congress of Writers in Mexico, in 1996.

The Tatar PEN Center works according to the Charter of the International PEN Club. It asserts humanistic universal values, supports democracy and the strengthening of mutual respect between peoples. The Tatar PEN Center actively participates in the activities of the International PEN Club, whose work is carried out in various ways (The PEN Club is operated by committees: linguistic, artistic translation, female, writers in prisons, etc.).

The Tatar PEN Center participates in the Annual World Congress of Writers, and also in various international and regional writers’ forums.

The Tatar PEN Center is connected to colleagues from 140 countries of the world by communication, literature, and visits.

The Tatar PEN Center distributes Tatar literature in English, which is then distributed worldwide.

The Tatar PEN Center participates in joint international interactions. In particular, close business relations are established through the Russian PEN Center.

The Tatar PEN Center cooperates with other public organizations.

The Tatar PEN Center consists of forty people: writers, journalists, and scientists.

The president of the Tatar PEN Center is writer Razil Valeev,

The responsible secretary/director is writer Ahat Mushinski.





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