Mansur Muzafarov: A Bio-Bibliographic Directory

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of the composer Mansura Muzafarov, one of the founders of Tatar professional music.

Muzafarov's creative heritage is huge and spans multiple genres. It has passed the tests of time, being widely recognised by listeners and noted by high government awards. His work has been awarded the G. Tukay State Award of ТАССР. During his rather short life, Muzafarov was able to prove his talents brilliantly in almost all genres, quite often as a trailblazing innovator. He even wrote the first Tatar string quartet.

Mansur Muzafarov left a rich musical heritage consisting of symphonic works, compositions for chamber ensembles and choruses, more than a hundred renderings of Tatar national songs, and also his own songs created with Sibgat Hakim, Ahmet Erikeev, Gulshat Zainasheva and other poets. His music is distinguished by bright melodies and intonational richness. Today the repertoire of many singers and musical collectives owe homage to Muzafarov.

His compositions, for half a century, have made their way to concert platforms, on air, and into the repertoire of many thousands of amateur and professional performances. The remarkable works created by him are heard now with new force, confirming the brilliance of his original talent.

The bio-bibliographic directory, “Mansur Muzafarov,” was created for his 100th anniversary and consists of seven sections: biography, articles about his life and creativity, M. Muzafarov's works (notes, audio-files, and articles), a photo-archive, and verses and stories devoted to M. Muzafarov. In the section, “Bibliography,” published print items by Muzafarov and sources of works, and literature about him and his creativity (books and articles) are located.

The bio-bibliographic directory is in the Russian, Tatar and English languages.

Biography, Reference Materials: Articles about his Life and Creativity (in Russian): Photo-Archive

M. Muzafarov's Works: Verses Devoted to M. Muzafarov (in Russian): Stories Devoted to M. Muzafarov (in Tatar)

M. Muzafarov's Bibliography (in Russian):



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