Hasan Tufan: The Bio-Bibliographic Directory

December 9, 2010, marked the 110th anniversary of Hasan Tufan, the classic Tatar poet and winner of the G. Tukay State Award of the RT. In the rich history of Tatar poetry, Tufan occupies one of most honourable places. He started his journey with literature in the mid-twenties. His verses, Ural Sketches, Between Two Epochs, The Bibievs, and About Songs Not Sung were fruits of the first period of his creativity. Silver Birch and By the Way were issued in the thirties. The most fruitful period of Tufan’s creativity was between the 1940’s and 1970’s. His love poems occupy a special place in Tatar poetry. What Raindrops Tell About, And Like You Are Imperceptible, Whose Hands Are Warmer, Without You I Meet Morning, and And Suddenly With No Goodbye, Departed, are pearls of Tufan's creativity. He is a poet of tragic destiny, but at the same time, joyful.

The bio-bibliographic directory, “Hasan Tufan,” was prepared for the anniversary of the poet and consists of ten sections. In them are: the biography of H. Tufan, articles about the life and creativity of Tufan, and memoirs about him, including, Companions of a Feather, and verses and scripts devoted to him. Allocated sections include: H. Tufan in art, H. Tufan's works, a bibliography of his works and literature about him, and a photo-archive.

The bio-bibliographic directory is in three languages: Tatar, Russian, and English.

H. Tufan's Biography
Articles about the Life and Creativity of H. Tufan (in Russian):
Memoirs about H. Tufan (in Tatar)

H. Tufan in Art

H. Tufan's Works (in Russian):
Verses Devoted to H. Tufan (in Tatar)

Scenarios Devoted to H. Tufan (in Tatar)

Statements about H. Tufan (in Tatar)

Bibliography (in Russian):

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