Ahmed Erikeev: A Bio-Bibliographic Directory

2012 marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ahmed Erikeev. The prominent Tatar poet’s voice has been heard for more than forty years in multinational Russian literature. Over the years, he has created many wonderful poems, including poems published in his native language, translated into Russian and other languages of the USSR. Over three-hundred lyrical songs and ballads contain his lyrics (with music by S. Saidashev, R. Yahin, J. Faizi, A. Klucharov, M. Muzafarov, Z. Habibullin, N. Zhiganov), many of which gained widespread popularity. His words enhanced the romances of A. Shaporin, N. Myaskovski, S. Katz and other composers. During World War II he served by writing for the press. He wrote poems and other inspirational works to combat the invaders and instill confidence for the goal of victory over the enemy. A poet of political sophistication and an active volunteer, Ahmed Erikeev was a poetic chronicler of the Tatarstan of his time.
The electronic directory, “Ahmed Erikeev,” was prepared for the 110th anniversary of the poet and consists of five sections: information about his biography and creativity, articles about him and his work, the work of the poet, scripts dedicated to him, and a bibliography.
References are in Russian, Tatar and Russian languages.

Biography and Reference Material
Articles about His Life and Work (in Russian) Works by Erikeev (in Russian)

From the Book: Selected Poems – translated from Tatar, comp. N. Erikeeva – Hudozh Lit: Moscow, 1982.
From the Book: P. Vasilev Works and Letters -compiled, text, art, comments S. Kunyaev, Ellis Lak: Moscow, 2000, 2002, p.896.
Works by Erikeev on the Internet
Scripts Dedicated to A. Erikeev (in Tatar)

(in Russian)

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