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Fatih Husni
2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the national writer of classic Tatar literature Fatih Husni, winner of the G. Tukaya Award. Husni is the author of numerous short stories and novels and the recipient of awards of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the start of his creative career he tried his hand at various literary genres, from dramatic art, to literary criticism, to rhetoric, but eventually he found his place with prose and there he remained forever, becoming the master of the story.

His stories for children are widely known, such as, The Boy, the Bucket, and the Grandmother, Cherry Seed, The Ring, and the novel, The Track Pedestrian. At the foundation of these stories lays a deep sense and perfection of skill.

The bio-bibliographic directory of Fatih Husni has been prepared for the 100th anniversary of the writer. Sources in Russian and Tatar languages have been collected. The material is systematically divided into five sections. The biography of the writer is provided giving information about his life and creativity, his works, a photo-archive, a bibliography of his work and literature regarding it, and also references concerning him on the Internet.


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Biography of Fatih Husni

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