The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Tatarstan

Source: Haris, R. Symbols of Tatarstan. Kazan: Magarif Publishing House, 2005, p. 64.

The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Tatarstan, adopted by the Supreme Council on February 7, 1992, uses the colours of the State Flag of Tatarstan. It is in the form of a round shield. The central image of the coat of arms is a winged snow leopard. In ancient times, the snow leopard was a deity of fertility and the patron of children. In the Coat of Arms of Tatarstan, the snow leopard is the patron of the people of the republic. The leopard is depicted with a red disk sun background, a fortuitous sign that represents success, happiness, and life.

On the left side of the leopard there is a round gold shield to portray the legal, economic, and military security of the citizens of the republic. A white aster with an even number of petals symbolises purity, an eternal source of life, and the desire for longevity. The raised right forepaw of the white leopard is a traditional heraldic gesture underlining the greatness of the supreme authority. It also represents a movement started with, “a step of the right leg,” an auspicious beginning to Tatarstan's move toward renewal. The sharp teeth and claws of the snow leopard demonstrate his ability to defend himself. The wings contain seven feathers to symbolise the influence of the white leopard's patronising force, both on the earth and in the heavens. The position of the white leopard's tail indicates his good mood and friendliness.

A popular Tatar floral ornament and tulip symbolise the awakening of nature in spring and the revival of Tatarstan. Three gold circles, covering the coat of arms at three levels, express the idea of unity, infinity and perfection. Gold is a symbol of the riches of Tatarstan's land.

Thus, the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Tatarstan asserts such universal, moral values as justice, the well-being of citizens, and friendship between peoples, peace and progress.

The creators of the Coat of Arms are Dr. N.G. Khanzafarov (concept) and the artist R.Z. Fakhrutdinov.

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