In the show room readers can get acquainted with new books of the library. At the exhibition called, "All New - For You!" 100 to 200 new books are shown weekly. They represent the following subjects:
  • History
  • The State and Politics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Art
  • Social sciences
  • Fiction
  • Tatar and Local Folklore Literature
Every Monday the exhibited books are replaced by new titles and the previous week's are placed in the library's collection. Every year an average of fifty exhibitions display 7-8 thousand new books.

In the show room readers also have an opportunity to get acquainted with the vast collection of the library and the specific branches of its structure. The diversity of the library collection is represented by the thematic variety of exhibitions made in the hall, which are devoted to current events, significant people of history, expositions of the study of local lore, etc. Each year at such exhibitions two to five thousand books are displayed.

By visiting the show room readers can:

Witness the processes of publishing production that take place in the library concerning new literature, keep abreast of the latest achievements in science and technology, learn about political and economic transformations in society, etc;
Satisfy self-education and information needs.

The show room is open to all readers of the library.

Previous Exhibitions

Fragments of Lay-outs of the Exhibition

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