The Department of Marketing was created in the National Library of the RT in 1995. One of the main tasks of the department is the introduction of paid services to provide maximum satisfaction concerning the needs of patrons, increased productivity of the employees of the library, and the creation of conditions to improve comfort for patrons and employees.

Paid services rendered by the library are those services not within the framework of appropriated financing.

The Department of Marketing, as a specialized department, resolves complex practical problems connected to the output of paid services in the library:
  • Assortment of forms and a price policy for goods and services;
  • Development of new kinds of services of the library;
  • Account managment of paid services;
  • Regular study of the expense dynamics of paid services;
  • Negotiations with customers;
  • Coordinates and supervises work of structural divisions that provide paid services;
  • Coordinates commercial actvity, consul type=squareting and advertising.
The activity of the Department of Marketing initially defines the information-library service.

The structure of the Department of Marketing includes: the department manager, book-keeper and cashiers. All activity of the Department of Marketing is carried out on the basis of, "The Charter of the Library," "Positions About the Department of Marketing," and "Regulations Concerning Paid Services."

The list of paid services is financially managed within the basic services account. Profiles of information-bibliographic and library services are included in the list and the price-list. The price-list, which includes prices for paid services of the National Library, is formed from the actual cost of each service.
Evgeny Gennadevich Bannov
Evgeny Gennadevich Bannov
Department Manager
Contact information
Address: 420015, Kazan, Pushkin street, 86

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