When visiting the Department of Arts, you can travel through the fascinating world of art: painting, architecture, music, and theatre. The collection of the department totals forty-thousand items. These are books on art, notes, phonograph records, audiocassettes, videocassettes, compact discs, and electronic resources (MP3, MPEG-4 and DB).

Our editions will acquaint you with treasures of Tatar, old Russian, foreign and modern art, and ancient crafts: woodcarving, mosaics from leather, Paleh, Hohloma, Zhostovskaya, etc.

Acquainting yourself with our books will help you to make surprising excursions through the halls of the Hermitage, the Tretjakova Galleries, the Armory Museum, and the museums of Tatarstan.

The extensive collection of musical editions, over 22,500 copies, is provided for our patrons. These include notes of all known composers, various kinds and genres of music, and classics of Tatar music.

Today the Department of Arts possesses the most complete collection of national editions, including notes, phonograph records, audio and video cassettes, and compact discs.
All editions are reflected in the following catalogues and card files:
  • Alphabetic and regular catalogue of books about art;
  • Alphabetic and regular catalogue of notes;
  • Alphabetic (organised alphabetically by composer and artist) and the regular catalogue of phonograph records;
  • Alphabetic card file of audiocassettes, videocassettes and compact disks;
  • Regional studies card file for musical editions.
The Department of Arts offers the following paid services:
  • Xerox copies;
  • Recording on audiocassette;
  • Paid subscriptions.

In the department there is a booth regarding the sale of books, notes and music on audiocassette, CD, and CD-R.
Lipacheva Marina Vyacheslavovna
Lipacheva Marina Vyacheslavovna
Department Manager
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Address: Teatralnaya Street, Bldg. 5
Phone: (843) 264-41-24

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