Khadi Taktash. The bio-bibliographic directory

January 1st, 2011, marked the 110th anniversary of the birth of the classic Tatar Soviet literary genius Khadi Taktash (Moukhammedkhadi Hairullovich Taktashev). Taktash's creativity was at the apex of Tatar Soviet poetry in the pre-war years. His creative heritage occupies a significant place in the history of Tatar literature. His poetry, which calls for sincere beauty, love, high morals, and fidelity to one’s native land, is still relevant to this day. Poetry is a basic part of a culture’s artistic heritage. The bio-bibliographic directory devoted to the 110th anniversary of Taktash's birth consists of ten sections. Included in them are: biographic materials, memoirs about Taktash, articles about his life and creativity, and statements about him. Taktash's works are numbered, including audio-files, poems and stories. There is a section devoted to Taktash, a photo-archive with photographic materials from his life and creativity and the section, “K. Taktash in Art.” In the bibliography section, descriptions of Taktash’s works are presented, along with books and articles about him and information about Taktash on the internet. The bio-bibliographic directory is in Russian, Tatar and English languages.

Biography and Assistance Materials:
Articles about the Life and Creativity of K. Taktash (in Russian):
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K. Taktash in Art

K. Taktash's Works (in Russian):
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Verses devoted to K. Taktash (in Tatar)

Stories devoted to K. Taktash (in Tatar)

Statements about K. Taktash (in Tatar)

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