The Islamic Department of Kazan Public Library

January 15, 2010, marked the 104th anniversary of the official opening of the first Tatar Public Library Islamic Branch of Kazan in the city of Kazan. Deliberation concerning the branch began January 2, 1906, by Tatar members of the Municipal Duma. On February 8, 1905, the request was at last satisfied. The Municipal Duma allocated accommodations for the library in two rooms in the building of the Hotel Bulgar with 590 rubles for the purchase of necessary accessories.

A big contribution for the opening and organization of the Tatar library was given by the outstanding Tatar journalist, scientist, teacher, and public figure, Ahmethadi Maksudi. He contributed to the collection of the library by donating a part of his personal collection of books. He also involved the great patron of the arts Brothers Karimov Publishing.

Originally the collection of the library consisted of 1277 books, but by1916 this increased to 3500 books, including works of Tatar literature, Russian periodicals, and Arabian, Persian and Turkish books. The library became one of the centers for Tatar education in Russia and its patrons were representatives of the Tatar intelligency, students of the Kazan madressa, and Tatar youth. From1920 to1929, the library was called The Central East Library Museum and substantial educational work was carried out by the famous playwright Mirhaidar Faizi.

Until recently the library was branch №1 of the Kazan centralized library system, presiding in the same historical building on Moskovskaya Street (Kirov), in building 57/13. In the year 2000, the library was closed for a major overhaul and now has been closed indefinitely. Today the destiny of the library is not determined. Its collection has been removed and the building has changed hands to the Committee for Management of Municipal Property Administration of Kazan.
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