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Rustam Yakhin

August 16, 2011 marked the 90th anniversary of the birth of the national actor of the USSR, winner of the G. Tukay State Award of the RТ, composer and pianist Rustem Yahin. Yahin's creative heritage includes some of the most exemplary music of the RТ and occupies a special place in the history of Tatar culture thanks to its high artistry and national originality. His creativity was many-sided. He was greatly influenced by classical music (Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Rakhmaninov). As a professional, he grew up on the creativity of S. Saidashev, M. Muzaffarov, and F. Jarullin. Yahin was a unique composer. His numerous songs, romances and other works brought a big contribution to the world of Tatar music. Yahin's composition for the song, “Tugan Yagim” - "Native Land" became the national hymn of the Republic of Tatarstan in 1993.

The bio-bibliographic directory, “Rustem Yahin,” is dated for the 90th anniversary celebration and consists of eight sections: R. Yahin's Biography, Articles about the Life and Creativity of R. Yahin, Memoirs about R. Yahin, R. Yahin's Works (Notes, Audio-Files, and Articles), A Photo-Archive, and Verses and Writings Devoted to R. Yahin. In the section, "Bibliography," there are Yahin's published works and sources for his works, and literature about it and his creativity (books and articles). The bio-bibliographic directory is in Russian, Tatar and English languages.

Biographical and Reference Materials
About the Life and Creativity of R. Yahin (in Russian) Memoirs about R. Yahin (in Russian) Photo-Archive

R. Yahin's Works
Verses Devoted to R. Yahin
Writings Devoted to R. Yahin (in Tatar)

Bibliography (in Russian)

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