The German Reading Room was opened in the Department of Literature in Foreign
Languages in 2001, with cooperation from the German Cultural Center in Moscow. Here,
anyone interested in regional information about Germany can find newspapers and magazines, watch films, and listen to audiocassettes and compact discs. German as a foreign language teaching materials and other items pertaining to the traditions and customs of Germany are available at the center.

In the collection of the center, there are about 2500 books and directories, covering all fields of knowledge. There also are 290 compact discs with recordings of classical and modern music, more than eighty audio-books, and 130 videocassettes with art, geography, and history documentary films and theatrical performances. Films, magazines
and newspapers are available in German.

The special value of the collection of the German Reading Room is found with its encyclopedias, directories and dictionaries. In the beginning of 2008, the collection of the German Reading Room was replenished by new items sent from Germany, which included modern fiction, original textbooks and computer program training in the German language.

The room is equipped with a computer, a TV, a video recorder and a music center.


Pichugina Galina Valentinovna
Pichugina Galina Valentinovna
Curator of the German Reading Room
Contact information
Address: 420015, Kazan, Pushkin street, 86

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