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2012 marked the 75th anniversary of Leonid Lubovsky's birth, the composer, conductor, and professor at Kazan State Conservatory. He is an honoured figure in the arts in Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan, and a winner of the State Award of Russia.
In his music, both academic acuity and a sense of immediacy are combined. Many, who have heard the compositions of Lubovsky, can say with confidence that he feels the pulse of the modern rhythm of life, which is inherent in his works.
Lubovsky believes that, “the intonational luggage of the composer should correspond to their time.”
Leonid Lubovsky is the author of large symphonies, oratorios, instrumentals, and the operas, Holiday of Sacred Jorgen, Raincoat of the Commodore, and the ballet, The Legend of Joseph (Joseph the Hero), but he received his first recognition as the author of the vocal music which entered into the repertoire of many famous singers. Among his vocal works is, New Century, Country Crane, From the Korean Classical Poetry in A. Ahmatova's Translation... Appreciation was received for his work, Military Winds, which was given the G. Sviridov “Achievement of Soviet Music.”
On June 12, 2006, in Moscow, in the Georgievsk Hall of the Kremlin, the President of Russia, V. V. Putin, has handed over to the composer the State award of the Russian Federation in the field of the literature and art of 2005. The composer was awarded this award simultaneously with the poet, Renat Haris and actor, Nurlan Kanetov, for the ballet, The Legend of Joseph. Leonid Lubovsky reflects his perception of life not only in pieces of music, but also in the stories, which embody many events.
The electronic bio-bibliographic directory, "Leonid Lubovsky," devoted to the anniversary of the composer, consists of six sections, which include a biography, works (including notes and audio-video files), articles about his life and creativity, interviews, statements about L. Lubovsky, a photo-archive and a bibliography (his works and information about him).

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